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Auctions are the purest form of enterprise.  You have something to sell.  We get a bunch of people together who want to buy it and they bid against each other to see who is willing to pay the most to get what they want.  Sometimes that competition results in crazy sale prices, but it always results in the true market value of the items being sold.  It's fun to sell things and it's fun for the bidders to compete for the items they want to buy!  

SELLERS: The demands and expectations of sellers are evolving and so are we!  Ask us about ways we can help you achieve your selling goals!  3-day sales, online auctions, or special commission structures when you do the setup!

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NEW!  We're saving the first Sunday of every month for small consignments!  Bring a little or a LOT to our auction barn and we'll  get it sold for you!  Clean out the garage or organize your closet and make some money!