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Why do people go to auctions?  Why, to have fun, of course!  People want to feel that they are dealing with an honest auctioneer who will entertain and treat them fairly!. 


Auctions are great for moving a lot of inventory quickly.  Big auctions produce big crowds and higher prices.  But even when you have a few things to sell, we can help you get the best price possible.  We can even sell your items in our downtown Union store.

Dedicated Website

Our website allows us to post pictures and information about your auction to potential bidders.  This saves you money on advertising and increases interest in what you have to sell! 


We are 100% electronic.  Our auction software allows us to get the needed info about your bidders.  We have real time data about bids and sales, so we can capture every bid immediately. 


We've been at this business long enough to know what works, but we're new enough that every auction is exciting.  We know what works, how to advertise for the best response and how to set up your auction for maximum attention.

Taking the time to look

No one has the time to look up every item in an auction, but our auctioneers have a gift for spotting valuable or unusual items.  Often, having those pictures on our website will draw the right bidder to the auction.

It's all about the setup

Dirty, messy auctions bring low prices.  You want your auction to be organized, neat and clean.  You want the auctioneer to keep all the pieces of your valuable equipment together so you get top dollar.  We take the time to set up your auction right.

Online Auctions

We have the option of placing your auction online for thousands of bidders, or to put a few special items on an auction site like ebay or etsy.