We do auctions because we're good at it!

When life gives you lemons...build a better mousetrap - right?  Every day our blood pressure gets a little higher because even with the talk of letting us get back to business, certain activities will likely continue to be restricted.  Continued social distancing until 2021?  That doesn't sound good for the auction world.  

BUT - we have options. 

Online Sales.  I'm not talking about eBay, where they take a big fee for everything sold.  I'm talking about an online auction platform where you pay 25 cents for every bidder who registers to participate and NO FEE for items sold except for our commission.  We lay out your items, take pictures and put them online.  We determine the length of the auction.  We can choose to limit it to local pickup, or we can ship items around the world - just like eBay.  It's easy, it's very secure and instead of 50-100 local bidders, there are hundreds of thousands of potential bidders out there.  Everyone pays by credit card except for those who come to our auction barn to pick things up.  Every day more and more auction companies are jumping to this selling platform.  

If you are ready to sell some treasures, and don't want to wait for COVID to be done, call us to talk about an online auction.  People are starving for auctions and this is the new way to get them done.  We are having surprising response to the online auctions we are currently doing and we are getting very good prices.  Imagine being able to look at the auction items up for sale with good detailed pictures while relaxing at your computer or on your phone instead of trying to see what is being sold with a crowd blocking your view and the normal noise and confusion.  People are busy but this auction format allows them to bid on auctions at their convenience.

A GREAT Auction has:

Adapting to CoronaVirus - The NEW way to do Auctions!

We like to do auctions at our building in Union because it's a safe, secure place to keep your treasures out of the weather and away from pilferage.  We have parking and lots of space to set up your auction so it will shine!

Auction Barn

Auctions can look like a retail showroom or they can be messy.  It depends what and where you're doing the sale.  We are flexible.  We've sold high-end household items and we've worked in cow pastures, selling what we find.  We take the time to pack, move, sort and set up your treasures.   We arrange and display items for maximum exposure and sales interest.  We advertise and promote where we know you will get the best market saturation for your investment.  Our own regular auction goers are our best advertising because they know the secret - an auction should be fair, honest and above all, fun, fun, FUN!

  • Good stuff that people can use
  • Plenty of room for bidders and their vehicles
  • A great setup so people can see what is for sale
  • An auctioneer who is friendly, fun and keeps things moving!​ 
  •  Buyers who are having a good time!