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Make $$$ on the treasures you don't want or need any more!

Let us sell them for you on ebay!.

Selling things for other people is our business.  The more money we get our customers, the more we make.  ebay is a great selling platform for high-end and mint vintage items.  It provides millions of buyers and a fast turn-around.  You aren't locked into the local economy or a limited number of buyers for price - if someone is looking for it, they will pay top dollar.

selling on ebay, however, is not an easy skill to learn.  It's huge, it's complicated and it takes a lot of time to establish your reputation.  We've done all that and now we are willing to offer you the benefit of our expertise and reputation so you can sell your items under our store.

It's simple.  No up-front cost to you.  You bring us the items you want to sell,  We have you fill out a consignment agreement and catalogue your items, complete with a unique number for identification.  You tell us what you are hoping to get for it.  We do the research on the items value, we take the pictures and write up an amazing listing for your piece.  We communicate with potential buyers, track the sale, pack and ship your item and you get paid when everything is final.  We will even send you a link to the listing so you can watch the process for yourself.

Contact us for more information.  

All those treasures you don't use any more can still be assets.  Don't pay to store them or practically give them away at a yard sale.  Turn them into cash and do something fun!