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We are experts on selling pre-owned treasures.  When you want to downsize, you need to liquidate the estate of a loved one, or you realize that you need to get rid of that stuff you’ve been paying to store - what do you do?  Yard sales take hours to set up and you are you have saavy resellers talking you into taking next to nothing for items you don't realize are valuable.  Estate sales don't get rid of everything, people are wandering around in your house for days and it takes some time to set one up.  Ebay is a minefield if you don’t have the established reputation on line or the know-how to do the shipping.

Auctions sell the whole consigned lot.  We have been doing this for years and we know what sells.  We do the homework to find out what your treasures are worth.  In an auction, people have to compete for the valuable items they want.  They have to bid with other people who want the same thing and know what it’s worth.  We know how to set up your belongings.  We match up parts.  We showcase the valuables and we tell people what they are looking at before they bid.  We can set up an auction at your property if you have space and access for bidders.  We are finding that a lot of homes aren't a good place for an auction because you are exposing your neighbors to the traffic and noise of the auction.  You need a considerable amount of space and since auctions are set up outside, you may get rained out or worse.  We've had good luck bringing the sale items back to our auction barn and setting up your auction in a clean, dry, climate-controlled space where you don't have to worry about the weather or someone stealing your valuable items.  We carefully sort and display your items.  We match things up so all the pieces are together and you get more money for your old tea set or other item.  If you are worried about letting your old car or other item go for too little, you can set a reserve and we will not let people bid less than you will accept.  We also offer online auctions through HiBid, a world-wide online auction platform that is getting very popular.  We have shipped items all over the United States and Canada through our online auctions. 
Doing auctions right is about presentation, publicity and performance.  That’s exactly how Clark & Daughter stands out in the auction community.

​Thinking about selling off your treasures?  Give us a call and we'll tell you more about how we can help.  Unlike the big auction companies, we don't charge you to look at your sale or to come out to your location.  We'll give you an honest appraisal of what your auction might bring and talk to you about how we can do a great job for you.  Just call Roger - 541-910-0189.